13 Essential Phone and iPad Apps to Help You Stay Sane During Your Move

40Tech is pleased to present this guest post by Jennifer Morehead from Moveboxer.


Moving is a tough and stressful process. You need to coordinate your things, throw items away, hire movers, switch off your utilities, and make sure everything is ready to go in your new home. It’s not easy.

We wanted to put together a list of smart phone and iPad apps that take at least some of the sting away from the stress of moving. After all, these smart phone apps seems to be able to do anything, so it’s about time that they started to help with the moving process.


5 Tips For Surviving With a WiFi-only Tablet

WiFi iPads and tablets

40Tech is pleased to present this guest post by Simon Butler from Rental Tablets.

More people buy WiFi-only tablets than tablets with 3G or 4G capability. This is partly because WiFi-only tablets are cheaper; in the case of the iPad it’s £100 (UK) or $130 (US) cheaper. In addition to this, if you want to actually use 3G or LTE on your iPad you’re looking at between £10 to £15 (UK) or $15 (US) a month extra for the data plan. So it’s easy to see why some users would just opt for the WiFi-only option.

However, all is not lost. There are many ways you can make the most of your WiFi-only tablet when away from a WiFi hotspot.


3D Printing Is Here! And So Are the Copyright Police


40Tech is pleased to present this guest post by Kyle from hpinkcartridges.com.

3D printing at the moment is slowly becoming a more publicly available technology. In the not so distant past the technology was only really used by big companies in industries such as engineering to create prototypes, models, etc, but within the last few years there has been a big increase in public availability with a number of cheaper 3D printers appearing on the market.


Best Free Movie Apps


40Tech is pleased to offer a guest post by Carlina Yepinski

Even though rising industry costs are pushing tickets prices higher and higher, movies are still one of the cheapest forms of entertainment in America. There are tons of free apps that provide any kind of movie information you seek.

Whether you want to know what movies your favorite star is likely to appear in next or get recommendations on your next DVD rental, there’s an app for that. Here are a few free ones that will provide you with an instant movie fix on Android or iPhone.

  • IMDB – The Internet Movie Database app offers all the search features of the full site, including names, shows, movies, and even TV schedules. The front page displays two or three of the latest news stories and allows you to keep up with things you want to see with “Watchlist.”
  • Hitfix – This entertainment news site’s app offers the latest in movies, TV, music and sports as well as feature articles. You can view by category or date posted and can even check out local stories.
  • Movies by Flickster, With Rotten Tomatoes – Find movies near your current location, check our trailers and read reviews courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes before heading to the theater all in one app. You can even rate titles you’ve seen.
  • Fandango – As long as your theater uses Fandango for online ticketing, you can find show times and order tickets directly from your phone. Don’t forget to double check the theater’s official site to verify show times.
  • Get Glue – This social network app lets you share all of your entertainment interests with your friends. Check in to TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, books, even video games. For movie fans, in particular, you can get recommendations for what to watch next based on your likes.
  • Redbox – The Redbox company, famous for its $1 DVD rentals, now has an app that does for rentals what Fandango does for theatrical releases. The app searches for kiosks near you and lets you browse each kiosk’s inventory. While you cannot watch trailers, you can view ratings, runtimes, genres, cast and plot. Reserve the title you want on your phone to make the checkout process even quicker at the machine.

Carlina Yepinski is the primary researcher and writer for networkmonitoring.org. Her most recent accomplishments includes graduating from Kentucky State with a degree in communications and computer science. Her current focus for the site involves server monitoring tools and application monitoring.

Uh-oh. You Broke Your iPad Screen. Now What?

iPad broken screen

Today, 40Tech is pleased to present a guest post from Donal James.

An iPad without a functioning digitizer screen is pretty much worthless. Unfortunately the screen is a fragile component that is easily damaged. Even a fall of a few feet is usually enough to shatter the delicate glass.

Damaged or broken digitizer screens are one of the most common problems encountered by iPad users. According to warranty company SquareTrade, ten percent of iPad 2 owners reported damaging their iPads within the first 12 months of ownership, with the number increasing to 20% within the first two years of ownership. Many times when the touch screen becomes cracked or broken, the LCD screen beneath is unharmed. If that’s the case, you don’t need a new iPad – you just need to replace the digitizer screen.


How to Survive Your Website Getting Hit With a Denial of Service Attack

Denial of service attack

Editor’s note: Today, 40Tech is pleased to present you with a guest post from Lazy Man of Lazy Man and Money.This article is intended to demonstrate one man’s thoughts on what was happening during a denial of service attack, and how he dealt with it.

The second week in February was a very bad week for me. On February 6th, I had received a legal threat from LifeVantage regarding my ProtandimScams.com site. I was still crushed by my beloved Patriots losing the Super Bowl. (Hey, I put up with their 1-15 seasons and Lisa Olsen scandals, so I’m milking the Tom Brady era for all it is worth). On the 8th, my websites stopped working. I went to my Putty window running a Unix top command to see what was the matter. The load average had spiked from its normal level of around 0.50 to 120. If you aren’t familiar with Unix, Top, or Putty, this means that either something on your site isn’t working right or Yahoo decided to feature you on its home page. Here’s what happened next.


7 Hidden Features Of Mac OS X Lion

Today, 40Tech is pleased to present a guest post from Dwarka Rao.

With a Mac operating system, the more that you use it, the more you will explore it. There is so much to do with a Mac that this exploration process looks unending. In this post, I have compiled a list of some of the top hidden features of Mac OS X Lion. These secret Mac OS X Lion features are less popular than other well-known features, which is why I’ve labeled them as hidden features. But this does not imply that these features are any less useful than other features.



3 Easy Tips to Help Build Pinterest Followers


40Tech is pleased to present a guest post by Molly Borter.

It’s no secret that Pinterest has taken over the social networking sphere. Recent studies show the site is generating more referral traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined, and with over 10 million registered viewers—the majority of which are female—it seems like brands everywhere are cashing in on the virtual pinboard craze. A soaring amount of traffic to your site just for pinning cool stuff?  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me, and a lot easier than other link building and social networking tactics.

Here are three easy ways to build followers on Pinterest and increase traffic to your brand:

Follow Your Niche

The simplest way to build your followers on Pinterest: follow users who actively pin items, ideas, and interests in your niche. Does your brand target middle-aged women? Follow these users! Also, brainstorm and find other brands that they might be interested in—Michaels, Martha Stewart, HGTV, Real Simple—and follow that brand’s followers. By following pinners in your niche, you are giving them the opportunity to discover something similar to their interests: your brand.

Pin Their Interests

Along with following those who might be interested in your brand, you should create boards and pin items that your niche is interested in. Pinterest frowns upon solely pinning products from your site, and Pinterest users can see right through these spammy tactics. Instead, channel your niche and create general boards that they’ll want to follow.  If you’re selling women’s accessories, create boards pertaining to fashion, beauty, classics, and trends. If you’re selling travel products, create boards pertaining to your favorite places, dream destinations, cool souvenirs, and travel tips. The more well-rounded and thoughtful your pins and boards are, the more followers you’ll have who trust your brand.

Create Pin-able Content

The key to building your Pinterest fan base is creating awesome, pin-able content. Swoon-worthy images and graphics are Pinterest gold, so make sure to include them in your brand’s blog posts and pin those. One cool picture or interesting piece of content could get you anywhere from 5 site visits to 30,000 site visits or more, so take your take your time when creating the best content. Charming images, colorful infographics, and crafty designs are the way to go. “Pin It to Win It”-style contests are popular, too, and help you build followers while increasing traffic to and conversion for your site. Pinterest is a win-win.

About the Author:  Molly Borter works as a social media specialist for Reading Glasses Shopper. When she’s not creating social waves on Pinterest or tracking the latest glasses trends, she enjoys running, trying new recipes, and reading suspense novels.

Is the iPhone stifling competition?


The launch of the iPhone 4S set new records in the smartphone market in 2011. Hitting the shelves in the UK, US and Canada in October, with a staggered global launch continuing to the end of 2011, Apple shifted 30 million units. It has helped their profits soar and has also quietened the naysayers who thought the iPhone 4S might not have the same impact on the market as its predecessors.

Yet the iPhone 4S might have had an even bigger and more important impact on the smartphone market, aside from the eye-watering sales figures. Reports suggest the dominance and popularity of Apple’s latest device has been so extensive, the firm’s competitors are putting off launching their own handsets because of fear that they won’t make enough of a splash.

While it may not be the most powerful or even the best looking handset available, there’s no doubt the iPhone 4S has been a hit with consumers. An 8 megapixel camera, a dual-core A5 chip first seen in the iPad 2 and promising a faster processing speed, iOS5 offering greater interactivity with other Apple devices along with the iCloud, iMessage, and Siri — the virtual talking assistant — the iPhone 4S has an impressive list of features. For some, it was merely Apple catching up with what other smartphone manufacturers, like Samsung and its Galaxy S2, had begun to produce already. Yet for Apple customers, who will wait for the company to release new devices rather than shop around, it was what they had been waiting for. Battery issues aside, the launch of the iPhone 4S generated enthusiasm, excitement and, occasionally, egg-throwing hysteria.

Figures released in the US claim Apple controls almost a quarter, in fact 24% of the smartphone market. Those numbers relate to the final quarter of 2011 but analysts believe sales figures are not going to drop off in the first three months of 2012.

That is what has worried Apple’s competitors, claims DigiTimes, a technology website in Taiwan. They claim Samsung, HTC and Nokia are biding their time waiting to release big name handsets so that they don’t have to fight for recognition alongside Apple. This is the reason, DigiTimes complains, that the only major smartphones launched at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show in January was the Sony Xperia S and the Nokia Lumia 900, although at that launch that device was only announced for the US and not the UK. Instead, the big hitters are waiting for Mobile World Congress, which takes place in the spring.

If true it’s great news for Apple, as who doesn’t want the competition running scared. Mobile World Congress has become an increasingly important platform for smartphone manufacturers. It just goes to show how far Apple have been able to dictate launch dates and the ebb and flow of the market worldwide. The trade show ensures big names will get column inches and the undivided attention of bloggers, tech writers and industry experts.

Alternatively, how far do companies like Samsung really allow Apple to dictate their own roadmap for releases? Although Apple might have dominated in the fourth quarter, before then 2011 was the Korean manufacturer’s year. Their ambition to be able to produce devices to fit in with every corner of the market has been clear. There will also be wild excitement over the prospective launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It might be good for Apple-lovers to think they have the competition running scared but the one problem with breaking records is that, the next time, you have to do even better. If Apple’s competitors get the momentum in the spring and get it right with their new releases, like the S3 and the rest of the Sony Xperia NXT range, then the pressure is on for the iPhone 5, rumoured for launch in the third quarter of this year. Let battle commence, again.

This was a guest post by Simon from Best Mobile Contracts, one of the leading mobile phone comparison websites in the United Kingdom.