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I’m Evan, and I started 40Tech in 2009 as a way to scratch my tech itch. The site takes a look at technology, gadgets, the internet, software, and video games from the perspective of a (mostly) normal 40-something tech-geek wannabee.  If you’re not over 40 and can still relate, great!  There’s nothing magical about that age when it comes to technology.  That’s just the perspective from which this site comes.

Shortly after I started the site, my friend Bobby Travis joined the site, and has contributed tons of great content. I have a young daughter at home now, and Bobby has two young children, so our writing has gotten less frequent than it was at one point. Right now, new content on the site mostly will consist of mentions of cool tech content that is of particular interest to me, although Bobby might make an appearance at some point, too.

If you see a story that interests you, feel free to join in the discussion by posting a comment.  If you have any suggestions, use the contact page to send a message.  The site also has an RSS feed if you want updates pushed to your feed reader. You can also find information about me and also about Bobby Travis.