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Review of GTD in Springpad & Which GTD Solution Nina Chose [Reader Workflow]

Reading about how our readers approach their tech/workflow combinations has been both enlightening and a pleasure. You guys are smart — and we appreciate you taking the time to articulate your personal systems with us. Nina Kefer has already shown us two GTD setups in applications she has experimented with. Her Beauty and Brains: Getting Things Done™ In Style series has put an emphasis on mobility (from the iPhone), a beautiful user interface, and above all, functionality. She wraps up her series today with her own take on and review of GTD in Springpad (Bobby put together aslightly different approach here), and a final conclusion as to which GTD setup ultimately works the best for her – and might for you, too…

GTD With 2Do and Toodledo [Reader Workflow]

Continuing with our Reader Workflow showcase, we’re proud to present Nina Kefer’s second post in her GTD experiments series, Beauty and Brains: Getting Things Done™ In Style. In her last article, she showed us a particularly awesome GTD setup with Awesome Note and Evernote; focused on the iPhone, overall. This time around, she delves into a mobile frontend for Toodledo. Read on for Nina’s GTD workflow with the iPhone app, 2Do.

GTD On the Go With Awesome Note and Evernote [Reader Workflow]

40Tech has a serious interest in productivity technology, especially as related to GTD (Getting Things Done). We love talking about workflows with our readers, sharing our own techniques as well as learning how you use technology to keep your life on track. As we’ve come to expect, grown-up geeks are fonts of information, and you’ve inspired us to invite you to post your genius here on 40Tech. The first to step up was Chase Mann with his combination of OneNote, Evernote, and Outlook for GTD, and now we are pleased to bring you the first of three posts by Nina Kefer. Nina is often mobile, and has put together three systems that she has tested extensively, using some of the prettier iPhone and web apps out there as her GTD hub.

First up: GTD in Awesome Note with a side of Evernote!



Reader Workflow in Action: GTD for Freelancers & Managing Multiple Projects

We like useful tech here at 40Tech, and spend a fair amount of time talking about productivity related apps. We’ve written more than a few posts talking about ways we’ve used tech to make our busy lives a little more sane, and a little while back, we asked people to show us their own workflows. We wanted to see how our readers integrate tech into their daily lives to keep them productive. We received some comments on the post, some notes on Twitter and Facebook, and even had a few email conversations with folks, and have decided to feature a couple of the more involved methods.

Today’s feature, by freelance graphics and web designer Chase Mann, involves a GTD process that includes Evernote, Outlook, Microsoft’s OneNote, and a few other choice bits of technology:


What Chrome Apps Do You Actually Use? [Reader Feedback]

I like Google Chrome. Love it, in fact. I love the extensions, I love the OS-style feel of it, and I love the apps integration that makes that feel possible. It long ago took over Firefox for me, and, while I love the foxy Fox, I’ve never been able to go back to it full time. The one thing I find with Google Chrome, however, is that — like my computer and my mobile devices — I have a tendency to collect apps that seem useful, and then rarely use them. I tell myself that they might come in handy […]

The 10 Most Popular 40Tech Stories of 2011

It’s that time of the year where you see lists everywhere you turn. Now it’s our turn, as we present you with our list of the top 10 most popular 40Tech articles of 2011. These are articles that were posted in 2011, so popular older articles, like our look at Evernote as a GTD tool, weren’t considered. We measured “popularity” by the number of page views a story tallied during the year. Read on for the results.

Like Sharing Your Thoughts About Tech? Write For Us!

If you like tech and have something to say about it, we want to hear from you! We’re always looking for new points of view at 40Tech — that’s why we got into this blogging thing in the first place; to share our thoughts, maybe help some people out, and hear what you have to say about it all.

We’ve had some fantastic guest posts from a few of our regulars, recently, and we would love to have enough to feature at least one of you every week. Hell, if you want more exposure to the wonderful world of the web, and maybe the opportunity to chat with the the folks who created some of your favourite software, you might even want to aim for a regular writing gig with us. We can’t pay you, of course — this is a hobby blog man! — but we get good search engine love and have a blast hanging out with our awesome readers.

If you want to write for us, we want to chat with you! Take a read over our guidelines, and get in touch!


Getting Things Done (GTD) With Toodledo, Using Pseudo-GTD Methodologies

One of our readers previously wrote about Getting Things Done with 2Do and Toodledo. That great writeup focused on using Toodledo through 2Do, an iOS app. I have been using Toodledo ever since I first was blown away by it, although primarily through the web app (albeit via Fluid, a Mac app that turns a web page into a standalone application). Over time, I’ve developed a system of my own to implement some GTD methodologies within Toodledo. Here it is.

Top 10 Mac App Store Apps I Can’t Live Without

Early in my Mac life, I looked at ten apps that were essential to me at the time. Looking at that list, I realize that my usage has changed a bit over time. Since then, the Mac App Store was born as well. A recent post by Dan Gold on Google+ inspired me to try to list my ten favorite App Store apps. It was hard narrowing that list down to just ten, and even harder ranking these from 1 to 10. Here’s what I came up with.

How Have You Tweaked, Personalized, Customized, or Hacked Your Android Device?

Lifehacker recently asked its readers how they’ve fixed Android’s biggest annoyances. We’d like to go one step beyond that, and ask you how you’ve customized your Android device, to make it all your own. This could include custom launchers, screen organization, workflow, Tasker profiles, and the like. So, hit the full article, and let us know in the comments.