How to Use Your Mac to Easily Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel [Link]

WiFi Scan

My wireless network can be flaky at times, probably thanks to interference from other networks and devices. If you have an unreliable wireless connection, it could be because you’re not on the optimal wireless channel for your router and environment. Did you know that your Mac has a built-in tool to find the best wireless channel? The trick involves using the Wireless Diagnostics Utilities app that comes with your Mac.

Check out the write up at OS X Daily for step by step instructions on how to find the best wireless channel. I have to admit that I have to read the instructions every time that I do this, because the Wi-Fi Scan tab is not easy to find.

∞ How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel with Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X | OS X Daily

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  1. I wasn’t aware this utility existed. It really is buried!

    I use an app called iStumbler which does basically the same things. Better yet, all you have to do is launch the app and you get access to wireless networks in your area. However, it does not have any similar recommendation for configuring the optimal Wi-Fi channel.

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