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4 Sites to Help You Find Free Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle

I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a free Kindle book from Amazon, but I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends mention that they regularly read free Kindle books. I recently received a tip through my contact form, suggesting a site that lists over 33,000 free Kindle books.

The site, Freebook Sifter, categorizes the books by genre, and by fiction and nonfiction, and let’s your organize the books by number of ratings or average stars. With a glance at the site’s sidebar, you can get an idea how many books are available in each category. For example, at the time of this writing, there are 3757 books in the history category, and only 61 in the humor category.

Bobby Travis previously wrote about eReaderIQ, another site that lets you find free Kindle books. Freebook Sifter is a bit more utilitarian than eReaderIQ, which, as Bobby noted, has a busy interface. I also previously wrote about a lending service, the Kindle Lending Club (now rebranded as, and a reader, Peter Tompson, pointed out another service, LendInk.

So there are four possibilities for you – Freebook Sifter, eReaderIQ,, and LendInk. If you know of any other places to find free books, let me know in the comments.


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14 Responses to 4 Sites to Help You Find Free Kindle Books

  1. I like Pixel of Ink ( This list is only Amazon Kindle books. I subscribe to the daily email which lists both free books and some discounted books. Most of these books are fiction, often romance or action, and do seem to be short term freebies – but as long as you complete the “purchase” while the price is $0, you can build up quite a library and find authors that you enjoy.

  2. The grand-daddy of free book sites, Project Gutenburg, has upwards of 40,000 books and says it offers most of them for kindle.

  3. Another source: Kindle Buffet at

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m about to finish the ebook that I’m reading right now and I definitely need a new one. I will have to check these sites.

  5. I don’t use anything that runs iOS, however, Amazon has oodles of free kindle books. These include most of the classics, as well as from Project Gutenberg. On the left-side menu, in the kindle books catalog, there is even an item for “Free Collections”.

  6. is a great one! The author has a great sense of humor too! ;)

  7. I list free Kindle books (Kobo & Nook, too) on my site @ if you would like to include it in your list. :)


  8. Hi Evan,
    we run a site at that has 100 or so free kindle books each day, and 40 or so kindle book deals.

    all arranged by genre and rated/categorized by quality. please do take a look.

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