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How to Easily Add Your Contact Info to Your iPhone/iPad Lockscreen

Katie Floyd is the host of one of my favorite podcasts, the Mac Power Users, and over on her blog she highlights an app that could help you out if you ever lose your iPhone or iPad. Contact Lockscreen Info is an app that makes it easy to add your contact info to the lock screen of your iOS device.

The app doesn’t do anything that you couldn’t do yourself, with a bit of elbow grease (and in fact, I had done this myself on my iPad). It just makes it easier. That app lets you add customized text to the lock screen, using the default water image. For $0.99, you can upgrade the app to be able to use any image of your choosing.


The app adds a nice translucent background panel for your text. You can change the background color of the panel, and also change the size of your font, and the number of lines. In the screenshot above, I’m using a custom lock screen image, with the default font and background panel.

Note that after you create the image using the app, you have to go into your Camera Roll, and select the photo to set it as your lock screen. Even if you’re not going to use this app to do it, it is probably a good idea to add your contact info to your screen. I do use Find My iPhone, but figure this can’t hurt as an added precaution.


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2 Responses to How to Easily Add Your Contact Info to Your iPhone/iPad Lockscreen

  1. Why is an App required for basic smartphone functionality like that?

    • I guess it depends on what someone considers to be basic. I’m still in search of the perfect mobile OS, which is why I spent 2 years on iOS, 2 on Android, and now I’m back on iOS. All have their frustrations.

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