Make Your iOS Device More Useful With Safari Bookmarklets

IOS Bookmarklets

iOS devices are handy, but limited. I’ve written previously on some workarounds I’ve come up with to address these limitations, such as how to download full resolution images from Dropbox to your iPad. Another way that you can “hack” your iPad is to set up Safari bookmarklets, which are bookmarklets that run code and let you perform a variety of actions, such as sending a page to Instapaper, clipping content into Evernote, and more.

The Digital Inspiration blog has an entire list of handy bookmarklets. A couple are a bit redundant, now that iOS directly supports sharing to Facebook and Twitter. Many are useful, though. Hit up the link for a full list.

There are couple that I didn’t see in the list, that I use with some frequency. One is a bookmarklet that will open any Safari page in iCab Mobile, which is a powerful browser with all sorts of plugins and features. Here is the bookmarklet code if you want to set that one up:



Do you have any favorite bookmarkets? If so, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Good tip Evan,

    I’ll have to send to my Apple loving friends.

    I have to say this feature is built in to Android. I’m not saying I’m just saying.

    Merry Christmas Everybody

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