How to Vaporize Your Friends’ Political Posts On Facebook [Chrome]

I love my Facebook friends. I really do. But the ones on the far left and far right don’t seem to get it. Their political posts are often filled with animosity or, worse yet, reliance on Fox News. They don’t sway anyone. Instead their posts foster annoyance, or even make them look like they’re a few cards short of a full deck. If you use Chrome as your web browser, you can escape all that.

Download a Chrome extension, noppl, and you can block your friends’ political posts on Facebook.The extension is also available as a bookmarklet for other browsers. The extension is keyword based. Enter some words to the extension, and posts with those words will be blocked. Presumably, you also could use the extension to block other subjects in addition to politics. The extension does come preloaded with some of the more obvious political words, such as the candidates’ names.

The extension does have a few limitations that I noticed in my testing. First, since it is keyword based, it won’t catch the various derogatory nicknames that your friends give to candidates, until you add those nicknames manually. Since posts with those nicknames are often the most mindless posts cluttering your timeline, you’ll be subjected to some brainsucking material until you tweak the extension. Second, the extension can’t catch images. Political images on Facebook seem to be this decade’s equivalent of the chain emails of past decades. You’ll just have to live with those.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had my fill of politics on Facebook. I’m not anti-politics, but that’s not what I want to read on my Facebook timeline. Most of it seems pretty mindless, and seems to come from folks who seem to be pretty brainwashed and blinded by their ideology. How are you making out in this political season?

Noppl Lets You Hide Your Friends’ Political Posts On Facebook [TechCrunch, via FutureLawyer]

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  1. You don’t get lots of comments, do you? I’m not annoyed by the political views of my friends’ (because by their shares on Facebook you can see what are their views). On the other hand, I always was interested in Politics – politicians can make our world better or worse.

  2. Although I enjoy reading educated comments regarding the elections, I cannot stand those uneducated, bias, and down right ignorant posts that you are talking about. This goes for both Republicans and Democrats. I’m bookmarking this for the next election and really smacking myself around for not reading it sooner.

  3. Thanks for this post! The election season was pretty much driving me nuts. I love keeping up with friends and family through Facebook, but I’m continually frustrated by some people’s political posts. I grew up in a household where issues were discussed, but always with an open mind. I didn’t always know who my parents were voting for, and in this same vein, I don’t always need to know who my friends are voting for. I’d rather hear about other elements of their lives. Thanks again!

  4. I can’t believe I missed this post back during the election process. I can’t stand my friends on each side of the spectrum ranting about their opinions.

    • I’m glad the election season is over. Although I guess this extension could still come in handy for the people who still rant about politics. Or any other issue really.

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