Photo Stream Finally Gets Useful and Allows Sharing [iOS]

When Photo Stream first came to iOS, it wasn’t too useful for anything other than moving your photos between devices. Photo Stream was an all or nothing deal – if you turned it on, all your most recent photos were synced between devices. At the outset, you couldn’t selectively sync photos, and you couldn’t share photos with anyone on a different iCloud account. That’s now changed.

If you haven’t heard, Photo Stream got a big upgrade in iOS 6. You can now create multiple streams, and, if you want, share individual streams with other iOS users. Cult of Mac has a pretty detailed post explaining how the whole thing works.

I can see this coming in handy at some point. My current problem? Nobody in my family has upgraded to iOS 6, so I have no use of shared photo streams. Ive wanted the feature since Photo Stream debuted, so I’m sure I’ll use shared streams at some point. Have you used them yet? Do you plan to?

Evan Kline

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  1. It would be fantastic to be able to share albums on internet browsers so people without ios devices can also see them. Until then photo stream is only good for transferring photos to your mac wirelessly…

  2. :)) And how are you going to make them upgrade their iOS? Anyway, I find it interested, I hope I’ll find time this weekend to upgrade.

  3. I have been really excited about shared photo stream. My girlfriend absolutely loves it and she has created quite a few shared streams with her friends and family. My biggest complaint of shared streams, is the inability for both parties to share photos in the same stream. I know that there are storage issues in relation to whose iCloud would store the photos, but this to me seems like a critical piece being left out from the shared photo streams.

  4. Evan, you hit the nail on the head when you said, “Nobody in my family has upgraded to iOS 6, so I have no use of shared photo streams.” This is the same exact problem I’ve faced too. I know you posted this blog entry in October, but it’s now January, and I have both friends and family who still haven’t upgraded to iOS 6! Hopefully one day we’ll both get to make use of the shared photo streams. Being able to share photos with others doesn’t mean much when you only know those without the technology to do so.

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