LastPass Sentry Notifies You When Websites Leak Your Credentials

Monitor site for hacking

It seems like every day we read of a website that has been hacked, and had its users’ login details leaked. One of my favorite services, LastPass, now offers a service to help you discover if your information was leaked by a website. The service, LastPass Sentry, uses PwnedList to monitor whether your credentials have been stolen.

PwnedList finds and aggregates leaks as they occur, and currently has a database of 24 million publicly leaked usernames and passwords. LastPass Sentry performs a daily check of this service, and notifies you if your email address is on the list.

Right now, LastPass Sentry only works with the email address you use to log in to LastPass, but LastPass has plans to integrate the service into the LastPass Security Challenge, so a check can be performed of the entirety of your stored data.

If for some reason you don’t want LastPass to perform this check, you can opt out. Would you use it?

Introducing LastPass Sentry: Always on the Lookout for the Latest Breach

Evan Kline

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  1. LastPass is the absolute best at passwords. I have tried others and then just fall short. I don’t see what all the love is going towards 1Password for.

  2. Hi, Evan. Yes, I’d use LastPass. This is not a matter to joke about. Passwords are meant to protect us (and our privacy) so you should do everything we can to protect passwords.

  3. hell, yeah! they think about me, that’s the main reason I pay them! great tool.

  4. I would never trust this company with my data, last year they had a security breach and tried to cover it up by making it look like it was no big deal. no thanks!

  5. Great site, never has an issue. Maybe it getting loaded when first starting Win 7 z64 makes for slight delay when launching first webseite but fast after that password protected site. Nice alert feature!

  6. I recommend RoboForm, they were the first on the market and are still the most widely used. They are also the only password manager to offer live phone support. Never had an issue with security and after trialing other password managers they all seemed to be working to try to catch up with RoboForm still.

  7. Excellent website, never has a problem. Yup Robo form is the best one it has been used by many individuals.

  8. I never tried their service, maybe soon i will give it a shot.

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