Finally! Sync Your Reading Place Between Your Kindle E-Books and Your Audible Audio Books


Amazon Whispersync for Voice Syncs Audible Books With Kindle Books: “Whispersync for Voice does more than just sync audiobooks between devices, however, it also syncs the location of Kindle Books. Users can now sync their location between the Audible and Kindle version of select books easily. The service works automatically, or users can engage Whispersync manually to sync to the furthest location in either version of the book.”

(Via Gottabe Mobile)

Back when I learned that Amazon owned Audible, this shot to the top of my “if I were King of the World” wish list. As both a Kindle user and Audible subscriber, I imagine I will use this frequently. The big question that remains to be seen will be how many titles are available with this functionality.

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  1. Whispersync is a great feature: it syncs your library, last page read, bookmarks, notes, etc. Amazon knows how to make its customers happy :)

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