How Many Domain Names Do You Own? [Reader Feedback]

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You’re a pretty technical bunch. From some of the comments here, and also through getting to know some of you, it ‘s clear that many of you fall on the high end of the tech know-how spectrum. Years ago, only the most technical owned a domain name. Now, it’s a pretty common occurrence. How many domain names do you own, and what do you consider your level of technical expertise to be?

I checked my registrar’s dashboard, and was surprised to see that I own 20 domain names. 11 of those are in use, to one degree or another, while the remainder are either dormant, or forward to one of the other domains. For example, forwards to Even among those in use, some are barely in use. I have one site that I use as a testing ground for 40Tech, another that was created for my wedding several years ago, and a couple for a gaming group that is no longer active. I also have my PlayerMatching site, which is a video game player scheduling and matching service that is functional, but still needs some polish and quite a bit of word of mouth.

So, let us know the answers to the following questions in the comments:

1. How many domain names do you own?

2. How many are active?

3. What is your level of technical expertise?

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  1. I have 4 active domains. One is my surname, so it’s for family stuff, one is for our family business, and two are for personal blogs that I no longer update. I probably won’t renew those two. I also had two other domains that I have already allowed to expire since I don’t use them anymore.

    As for my level of expertise, I would say I’m intermediate. I have used two registrars and have transferred two domains from one to the other. I know how to change MX and CNAME records for both registrars, and I am using Google Apps for all four of my active domains.

    BTW, GoDaddy sucks. :p

  2. I have 3 active domains, out of which 2 are most active. The third domain is not active since last year but still I do not want to loss it therefore I renew it every year.

  3. I also have use my surname as a domain for personal business.

  4. Down to just eight at the moment. I also manage the registrations of three domains for others, as well as managing the SITES of two other domains which are registered elsewhere (by other people).

    My domains are all active, although some are much more active than others. I generally churn through at least a couple of domains per year for ideas that just didn’t work out.

    I’d say I’m intermediate level.

    Since 1997, I have always been the owner of at least one domain at any point in time.

    • Damn, you started early, Kosmo. I think my first domain was around ’04 or ’05. Of course, if I recall, you work in a tech field, so that’s my excuse for the late start. :)

  5. I have 35 domains registered to me, with 20 of them active. The others are either failed ideas or .com equivalents of a

    “What is your level of technical expertise?” In relation to what? Generally I would say Advanced. I have been in the industry 22 years and have a wide range of skills from training and support to development. One area I am a beginner in is Linux. I know Windows and Mac inside-out but I’m still on the learning curve for Linux!

    • I’d say that definitely makes you advanced, David. It’s nice to see someone who is in the field be so passionate about it. I do know some folks who have no interest in tech outside of their tech jobs.

  6. I have got a few (around 150) and I want to develop them all. I have domain for my personal use (over 10, names, nicknames for the whole fmaily etc), many on internet marketing and geography targated to the country where I was born. I am not a domain seller (never sold a single domain so far, I am buying over three years now). This is my hobby, I dont like to shop, but cant resist domain shopping. I manage my own hosting, web design and encourage all my friends and families to blog and provide them with all technical support and internet marketing for free. I got my wife, daughter, sister, brother and even my father into blogging.

    – Ferdous

  7. well I guess I have a addiction, before the bust of the economy and long term unemployment I had just over 200, yes two hundred, many of the names where the = but with the .net with & without dashes, now to date I have 24 and 5 of them are now in service and making plans to get the others up and running by year end with google ads and one is a blog set up with googles blogger platform I have written code and know how the basics of many of the server functions so I think i would consider myself advanced, I am 43.

  8. I have 37domains registered to me, with18 of them active.

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