How to Use Multiple Credit Cards for a Single Amazon Purchase

Multiple credit cards to purchase on Amazon using gift cards

I ran into a problem recently. I was making a new purchase on, and wanted to zero out a Visa gift card that I had received for Christmas. The problem is that Amazon only allows you to use one credit card per purchase, so there was no way to use the Visa gift card, which only covered part of the price, and then use my main credit card for the balance. There might not be a direct way to use two or more credit cards for an Amazon purchase, but there is a workaround.

The trick involves using an Amazon gift card. At the risk of spelling out the obvious, here is what you need to do:

1. Add your second credit card (in my case, a Visa gift card) to your account as a payment source. You can find this in the “Payment Methods” section of your account, under “Add a Credit or Debit Card”;

2. Buy an Amazon gift card for the amount that you want charged to your second credit card (which in my case was the remaining balance on the gift card). The best method to be able to use the gift card right away is to use the “Email” option under the “Digital” section;

3. Check your email, and copy the code;

4. When you make your purchase, add that code to the purchase.


Voila! A bit of a hack, but this works. Since you can use multiple gift codes with a purchase, this is a good way to zero out any credit card gift cards you have sitting around. If anybody has a better solution, let us know in the comments.

Note: the Amazon gift card link, above, is an affiliate link, meaning that 40Tech gets a small kickback if you use that link to make a purchase.

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  1. I wish there was a similar trick for converting gift card balance from to :) Unfortunately, they don’t allow Amazon affiliate money earned on .com, to be used in other Amazon shops :(

  2. That’s an odd limitation on Amazon’s part. Make it as easy as possible for people to give you money.

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  4. Evan you are a ninja! I never would have figured this out by myself. I’ve got a bunch of gift cards I want to get rid of and I’m going to use this tactic right now.

  5. Thanks very much for this good advice, worked like a charm. I’m sure that I would not have figured this out on my own.

  6. Genius! Just used four gift cards with odd balances (one only had $0.84 left and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away – good thing!) to purchase amazon gift cards by email as you suggested, and I was able to use all four gift card codes towards one amazon order.
    Thanks a bunch!!

  7. hmmm,not worked for me(the order goes thorugh then about 15 minutes later i get an email saying teh card has been declined

  8. If you have several cards, which one is used by Amazon? The first one on the list? How do you change the order??

  9. Does this work with Visa Prepaid Debit Cards? or just for regular gift cards?

  10. Thank you for this – worked like a charm, have converted three pre-paid gift cards to Amazon credits. The one my Mum bought me for my birthday had a high premium (£50 value and £54 to buy!) – and loads of rules that they hope you don’t read – including a £2 per month admin charge after month 9. What a huge rip off.
    Anyway all converted to Amazon credit that will get used long before it expires with no charges. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you SO much! worked with my Vanilla Visa gift card.

  12. I couldn’t get this guide to work so I found this tutorial on youtube

  13. Awesome! Thank you! It’s the best way to use leftover money in gift card!

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