Bye Bye Instapaper, iReader, Readability… Hello Clearly, From Evernote

Bye Bye Instapaper, iReader, Readability... Hello Clearly, From Evernote | 40Tech

Today, I discovered the Evernote Clearly extension. Today, my life changed. If you’re a fan of saving articles for later — or just of reading them in an uncluttered, easy on the eyes format — your life might change too. Clearly brings all of the minimalist beauty of iReader and Readability, does it better, and then sweetens the pot with the ability to send a nicely formatted copy of the article to Evernote with a single click.

It’s awesome. You must try it!

A few screenshots of Clearly in action:

Distraction-free Online Reading with Evernote Clearly | 40Tech  Customize Your Minimalist Blog Post View with Evernote Clearly | 40Tech

Clearly Lets You Read it Later with Single-Click Article Clipping to Evernote | 40Tech  Cleanly Formatted Blog Posts with Evernote Clearly for Google Chrome | 40Tech

Forget Instapaper Easily Send Articles to Evernote with Evernote Clearly | 40Tech  Evernote Clearly Customization, Theme Options | 40Tech

To make things even more fun, Evernote Clearly offers customization capabilities so you can set up your own look and feel, as well as some smooth transition animations, and the ability to preset a tag for the articles you decide clip to read later.

You don’t need an Evernote account to use Clearly, but if Evernote was trying to find a way to get free users to increase the likelihood of needing a paid account, they’ve definitely succeeded.

Clearly is currently available as a Google Chrome extension. Other browsers will be supported soon.

Get Clearly [Chrome]

Bobby Travis

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  1. Hi Bobby,

    Evernote clearly is also available as an add-on for firefox.
    It is indeed an awesome tool!
    I hope there will be an iOS version soon.


  2. Excellent service! I use it for both my android and iphone.

    • Hi Alex, which service do you use? Clearly? Do you start with your desktop and then read on mobile, or do you know of some bookmarklet hack that makes it work on mobile? If so, please share! :)

  3. Cool! Clearly is just another profound invention great for readers. I’m happy it’s free at the moment. How long have you used clearly? Thanks for sharing it here.


  4. Bobby – I love Clearly, when it works. Which is not all the time.

    • I haven’t experienced any problems with it, yet. There was a weird little thing in the beginning, getting the send to Evernote button to work, but nothing since then. Where do you find issues?

  5. Great find, Bobby!

    I’m a big fan of Readability, which I’ve been missing ever since I moved to Chrome (Safari’s Reader feature is superb and I still use it in Mobile Safari).

    Clearly looks extremely slick! I like the custom looks — especially the dark theme for night (I’m on 27″ desktop).

    I haven’t used Evernote for a long time, but I’m gonna have to install it and see if this is the ultimate solution for readability + read-it-later + sync’ing to my phone (and hopefully an iPad 3 in a few days… when I get the money from mortgaging my sofa :)

  6. Bobby,

    I just discovered Clearly, also, and blogged on it (and pointed to your blog entry in the comments). It is brilliant.


    What browser do you use on iOs? I use Safari and I use Reader (built in) on my handheld. I use it in the same way I use the Clearly extension on my desktop.


    • Thanks!

      I use Safari on my iPhone — and the Reader capability is pretty cool, and combined with your Evernote email address, you’re definitely in pretty good shape.

      I tend to use Atomic Browser on my iPad, though — Safari is still wayyyyy too crash-happy.

  7. OK, I tried Clearly and sent a ‘clipping’ to Evernote, then accessed it in iOS. Unfortunately, how it’s displayed in Evernote iOS isn’t quite as nice as Clearly in Chrome. No options like black background, for instance.

    It’s still a very reasonable solution, but having the Clearly formatting options within the Evernote app would just blow my mind!

    • That would be cool — and should be possible, I would think. Maybe Evernote will get to that in an update. The transfer to EN is definitely better than clipping with the Evernote browser extension, though.

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  9. I am not as impressed by Clearly. For one thing, not even a bookmarklet for Safari (Instapaper, ReadItLater and Redability all support Safari with extensions or bookmarklets).

    Also, Instapaper has long supported saving article text to Evernote. You can either do it manually per article, or have a “star”ed article automatically exported to Evernote. I have been using it for a long time, with great success.

  10. Does anyone know if Readability or Clearly sends the article to a server first before rendering? I’m using Firefox, and I tried Readability and the URL changes once you activate the reader mode. With Clearly the URL doesn’t change, so it seems that everything stays local to my computer. Does anyone know?

  11. I’ve tried out a lot, like Pocket(new read it later), Instapaper, Evernote. but lately I found a new web clipper on the chrome store called waveface stream, and it has some great perks.

    Evernote clearly has the win on saving and editing even sharing.
    Pocket, Instapaper, and clearly has the reading list part covered nicely.

    waveface stream seems kinda nice to organize the pages on a timeline, and it also gets rid off the ads and stuff. finding more tools to save webpages, urrr

  12. I am kinda using both Evernote and Waveface stream right now, one for work and the other for family…

  13. I have found that Readability renders pages much cleaner and faster in Firefox than Clearly.

  14. One bookmarking site I don’t see on this list is Poolit ( Here are the main benefits I’ve noticed from this simple and dynamic bookmarking tool:

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