Easily Preview the Output of Your HTML and CSS With A Web App


If you ever play around with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and don’t want to set up a testing environment, check out JSFiddle. JSFiddle is a web app that lets you input HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, hit a button, and see the results of your code.

There are four main boxes on the JSFiddle screen: one for HTML, one for CSS, one for JavaScript, and one for the results of your code. You enter your code in the first three boxes, as appropriate, hit a “Run” button, and then you can see your results in the fourth box.


JSFiddle has some options that you can set, such as choosing Mootools  or jQuery. It also lets you tidy up the appearance with your code with the click of a button. This doesn’t seem to change your code at all, but can add line breaks and indentations.

When you’re done with your code, you can share a link to it, share it on Facebook or Twitter, or even embed it on a page. That makes JSFiddle not just great for testing out some code, but having someone else take a look at it for you.

Do you have any tools that you use when trying out code?

JSFiddle [via Webmaster-Source]

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  1. That looks like an interesting app. It would definitely be great for both the beginner an expert web designer. Thanks for the share!

  2. Thanks for sharing this web app! That’s a great feature that you can embed the code right there using the app and that you can share the code on social media!

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