Which PC and Mac Browsers Are Fastest?

Web browser speed tests

If you want to squeeze every last ounce of speed out of your browsing experience, then check out the latest browser speed tests at Tom’s Hardware. The site takes a look at several browsers on both the PC and on a Mac, and offers results in several different categories. The site then crowned a winner on each platform, as well as overall.

On OS X, “Safari 5.1.2 simply owns on its native platform,” according to Tom’s Hardware and its results. On the PC, and overall, Firefox 9 was crowned the winner. That might be surprising to some Chrome users, as speed is often extolled as one of the virtues of Google’s browser. Check out the article at the source to really dive into the numbers.

Admittedly, speed isn’t the only consideration when picking a browser. For example, I tried . . . really really tried . . . to like Safari on my Mac. I used it for a month as my main browser, and never stopped hating it. I went back to Chrome, and thereafter went all the back to my first love, Firefox, which I’ve found has improved dramatically since I had first switched away from it.

What is your browser of choice, and on what platform? Why do you like it?

Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X [Tom’s Hardware]

Evan Kline

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  1. Hi Evan,

    I’m on a Mac as well and have been using Chrome since I got it two years ago and I was so dissatisfied with Safari. The newest version, however, seems to be much better. What in particular don’t you like about Safari?

  2. A Mac user at home and PC at work I use FireFox on both machines. The sync feature on FF comes in handy.

  3. For me, I find myself jumping between Chrome and FireFox.

    I really like chrome but some sites don’t work with it (far less now than a year ago) but the worst thing about Chrome is page rendering….while a page is loading I often can not scroll down.

    With FF you can, however FF is a memory hog and quickly starts consuming RAM!

    I agree that Safari is just not worth the effort!

  4. A while ago I made a switch from Fireofx to Chrome and since then have not changed my mind. I am using Ubuntu and Chrome’s speed IMO can not be matched by the competitors.

  5. i thunk google chroom is the best tell now…IE10 not good i tried it but didnt like it..
    im using now windows 8 i found some tutorials about it on this site
    and still use google chrom even with new OS

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  7. Before i mostly used Mozilla Firefox but now i have moved to Google Chrome because it is more faster than Firefox. Since I’m using PC not mac.

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