Cast Your Vote for the 2011 App of the Year

Last week, we asked for nominations to add to our list of contenders for 40Tech App of the Year. We received some good suggestions, and thought of several on our own. We did debate whether to include lesser-know submissions, and also whether the official apps for services like Facebook and Google+ constitute “apps.” In the end, we opened the floodgates, and added them all to the list. Cast your vote below for your choice of App of the Year. As with the nominations, the definition of “app of the year” is what you make of it. It could be an app that you found to be the most enjoyable, most helpful, most innovative – whatever you think made something your favorite in 2011.

The poll will remain open until noon EST on Tuesday, January 2. We’ll come back after that with the results. Here are the choices.

Evan Kline

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  1. Well my vote is Google plus because after a long time google launched something which is attracting people towards itself.

  2. I have lots of favorites actually, one of them is of course G+.

  3. Springpad is the most underrated app on the internet. It is totally free and it offers services that Evernote makes you pay for with their Premium service. It syncs with the online service and an android or apple mobile app. I can’t say enough about springpad – it is beautiful.

  4. No Sugarsync? That would have got my vote.

  5. Where is Internet Explorer 9.

  6. LastPass gets my vote for most valuable cross-platform tool.

  7. Write in vote for boomerang for gmail, it makes following up and scheduling your emails easy. I even paid the $5/month for it, I find it that useful.

  8. I have three in this order:
    Actually my first vote would be to go back to visiting at coffee shops and talking to people in person and not having any apps per say… Just saying… This society is getting more and more about self and not enough about others.

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