Easily Drag and Drop Images and Other Files Between Desktops in Lion With Yoink [App of the Week]

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Every now and then, a third party developer comes up with an app that provides functionality that should have been baked into an operating system to begin with. Yoink is one such app. If you’re like me when I use my MacBook Air, you might place each app into its own desktop, and use the trackpad to swipe back and forth between them. This can make it tricky, though, to drag files or images between apps. Yoink makes it easy.

Yoink creates a bucket of sorts at the edge of your screen, that is independent of any desktop. The bucket only appears when you drag a file to the edge of your screen. When you do so, Yoink fades into view. Drop your file into the Yoink window, and it will remain there until you drag it out. So, you could drag a file into Yoink from one desktop, swipe over to a new desktop, and drag the file out. I do this often with images when writing posts for 40Tech. I’ll drag an image from my screenshot app into Yoink, and then drag it out of Yoink and into MarsEdit, my blogging editor.


Yoink is currently $2.99 in the Mac App Store.

It’s not to hard to see Apple building this sort of functionality into Lion in the future. What other functionality would make the Lion experience smoother?

Yoink [Mac App Store]

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  1. The ability to run some ancient carbon apps would be nice :)

    I named my new Lion machine – Simba. The older one runs 10.4.x (Tiger) and is aptly named Hobbes.

    Hey, it makes it easier to keep track of them when doing file sharing and such … there’s a perfectly legitimate reason for naming computers/drives with distinctive names. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. great desktop app for lion machine. thank you for this review. i really need it. essential tool.

  3. Thanks Evan for the information about Yoink. I would love to get this as I use a number of applications at a time and this can make things easier. I cannot ask for more. The way you described it briefly highlighting the imp points, it saved my time.

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