Find Out What Flights Are Overhead With Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram alpha fights overhead

Mark this one down as not very useful, but pretty cool nonetheless. Wolfram Alpha, an online service that answers queries, now will tell you what planes are flying above you. Simply type “flights overhead” into the search box, and Wolfram Alpha will return a list of flights overhead, including the altitude, the angle from the horizon, the type of plane, and the distance away.

Flights overhead details

If you click on the flight, you’ll be presented with a page chock full of details about the flight, such as the destination and departure airports, anticipated arrival time, scheduled arrival time, ground speed, and even graphical maps showing the flight path. The results are currently U.S. only, and the desktop results might not be as exact as a mobile phone. Still, this is the sort of thing we geeks eat up.

Wolfram Alpha Offers New Twist On Flight Search: Literal Answers To What Planes Are Overhead [Search Engine Land, via CyberNet News]

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