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Safari to Devonthink iPad
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Clip from Safari (iOS) to DEVONthink (Mac)

Scrivener for lawyers

WordPerfect 5.1 is legendary among tech geeks of a certain age, and still has devoted users. I used various incarnations of WordPerfect as my main word processor and brief[1] writing tool until just a few years ago, when I succumbed to the inevitable force of change, and switched to Microsoft Word. Now, though, I’m not even using a traditional word processor as my main brief writing application, because I’ve discovered that Scrivener is a fantastic tool for that purpose.

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Writing Legal Briefs with Scrivener

devonthink thumbnail

Easy navigation, powerful AI, and quick search make DEVONthink a nice alternative to lugging around thick files.

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DEVONthink for Lawyers

Google+ Seeks World Domination: Google+ Brand Pages and “Add To Circles” Now Appearing in Google Search Results

Google+ brand page add to circles

If there were any doubts that Google is looking to have Google+ pervade all areas of your life, those doubts are now fading. Brand pages now appear in Google search results, with a convenient “Add to Circles” button right on the search page. Whether you’re ready or not, Google+ is going to be invading your life.

Brand pages and the “Add to Circles” button aren’t showing up for all brands. The search results for 40Tech, for example, don’t show those options. I’d be surprised if that’s not coming, though. The “Add to Circles” button isn’t limited to just the search result of the brand’s Google+ page, either. As the screenshot above shows, the button can be found next to other content by the brand.

What does this mean? For one, it shows Google’s commitment to Google+. If you aren’t using it now, chances are increasing that you’ll use it someday. Google+ will be in your face, more and more, as Google interweaves it with all its offerings. That’s the major flaw in the reasoning of those who say Google+ can’t survive. Google won’t leave it as an island, to which you have to row. Instead, you’ll be running into Google+ everywhere you go online.

Will seeing Google+ everywhere make you more likely to use it, or will it just annoy you?

Google Plus Brand Pages in the SERPs [All About Content]. Thanks to Chase Mann for linking to this story on Google+.

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