Get 50GB in Your Account Just for Logging In to the Mobile App

Get 50GB in Your Account Just for Logging in to the Mobile App | 40Tech

We give cloud storage a lot of love here. And why not? Having access to, and the ability to share, your files wherever you are is peachy keen — and convenient too. It’s a competitive world, though, and the main contenders — Dropbox,, and SugarSync — have been battling it out via pricing, free storage offerings, and promotions to ensure they get a solid chunk of the target market that is you. The latest play has come from — and it’s a doozie: 50GB of free storage just for logging in to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app.

Before you ask, there’s no catch. You don’t have to sell the idea to your friends, you don’t have to buy anything after so many days of use, and you don’t have to give them your first-born child. All you have to do is log in and the 50GB is yours! The promotion started October 12th, 2011 and runs until December 2nd, 2011 (50 days). Just make sure you have the most recent version of the iOS app, and away you go.

For those who take advantage of the promotion, has also increased the maximum file-size upload to 100MB — it’s usually 25MB for free accounts. That doesn’t beat out Dropbox, for me, but there’s a lot you can do with 50GB of 100MB files, and Box has cool collaboration features that most of the competitor services don’t match. The only other thing to watch for is the 10GB bandwidth limit.

If you’re already paying for an account with, don’t fret. You can get the 50GB, too, if you downgrade to a free account. You lose out on the more advanced security and collaboration features and the like, as well as your 1GB+ upload limit, but you will still be able to share your files quickly and easily.

If you’re on Android, you might be feeling a bit of “What the hell! Can I haz…???” For Android users in general, at the moment it appears you’re out of luck. However, if you have a Sony Tablet S — which uses Android — there’s a similar promotion running. BlackBerry Playbook and HP TouchPad users are on as well. But don’t get too upset, Android Army (or those with other devices), according to the blog, they have some more promotions up their sleeves just for you guys.

What will you do with your 50GB of free storage?

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  1. So could I borrow a friend’s iphone, install the app, log in with it to get my 50GB, and then they can uninstall the app? Would I then have access to the 50GB from my computer?

    It sounds like I should.

    • Sounds like it’s possible — if not entirely in the spirit of the promotion… :P

      As long as it gets them new users, though, right?

      I’d be curious to know if it works…

      • I’ll give it a go in the next couple of days and let you know.

        It does say in the FAQ that you only need to use the iphone app once, so I don’t think they are too bothered who gets the 50GB. It’s all about marketing and making a splash anyway, eh?

  2. 100MB file-size upload? This kinnda sucks as all of my small size important files are kept on a on USB stick and I’m left with 35GB of important files, most of the videos and most of them bigger then 100MB… there is always a catch.

  3. I can’t wait to log in for the app. It is great that I have until December to learn and enjoy its features.

  4. Well, it took me more than a couple of days to sort out but I’ve now got a 50GB account. Looking into it more, the downside of is that you can’t create automatic backups by synching folders and files. The workaround seems to be to create a virtual drive (in Windows) and then using a synching tool to copy the files across. I haven’t got that far yet but it might be a cheap way to get a large amount of cloud storage.

    • Thanks for the update, Martin! Yeah, there are definitely some limitations to Box. I tried mapping it as a network drive and that didn’t really work out — but try Gladinet (the free version offers 1000 file transfers per day), it was really easy to set up and works perfectly.

  5. seems the Android Promotion is ON now.. Guys go grab it.. Offer is valid till march 24th 2012 I think.. :)

    50 GB :) Bye bye Skydrive!

  6. Copy is an awesome alternative that doesn’t have file size limits. It is a service offered by Barracuda Networks and gives an extra 5GB free space for each referral. Sign up with my referral and get 20GB to start with instead of 15GB.

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