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Get the Most of TextExpander With Snippets From a Public Repository [Mac]

Textexpander snippets repository

A few months ago, we wrote about five ways to increase your productivity using text expansion software. With text expansion software, you create snippets of text, and then set up abbreviations to trigger the typing of those snippets. TextExpander is our favorite text expansion app on the Mac, because of its ability to sync via Dropbox with Breevy, a Windows text expansion app. If you don’t want to cook up your own snippets, or are just looking for some inspiration for snippets, then TE-Snippets has you covered.

TE-Snippets is a snippet repository, and then some. It’s more like a blog, covering all things related to text expansion. For me, though, the links to other snippets are the most helpful part of the site. To find the posts that list a few repositories, check out the repository tag on the site. Right now, the list of repositories is pretty sparse, linking to one developer’s repository, and a page with snippets from the developer of TextExpander. Still, each of those pages includes some helpful snippets, including snippets involving Markdown, CSS, URL shortening, email encoding, and HTML. For example, the CSS snippets give you CSS3 shortcuts for transitions, shadows, rounded corners, and more.

The site is a great concept, and very helpful. What I’d love to see is a master repository page (if it’s there, I haven’t found it), listing each snippet, along with a link to the creator and the snippet.

Do you have any text expansion snippets that you find to be essential? How about any other sites that share some snippets? If so, let us know in the comments.


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