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We know that you can’t get enough of us. That’s what we like to tell ourselves, at least. If you like what you read here, then your tastes might overlap with ours. In addition to what we post here, we post links and tips of other items of interest at a few other places around the web. Here are some links to where else you can find us online.

  • Bobby Travis on Google+: Bobby Travis
  • Bobby Travis on Twitter: @Bobby_Travis
  • Bobby Travis’ personal site, listing all of his ventures (including his real-life work involving consulting, speaking, writing, and marketing):
  • Evan Kline on Google+: Evan Kline
  • Evan Kline on Twitter: @Evan_Kline (I previously used the 40Tech account, so this one is just revving up now)
  • Evan Kline’s Mac Productivity Blog: TaskMac
  • Evan Kline’s video game player matching site (grand launch coming soon): PlayerMatching


And of course, you can find the 40Tech feed, along with other info on occasion, at the following locations:


However little or much you choose to follow us, we do appreciate that you follow along, so thanks!

Evan Kline

Hello, I'm Evan. I write about tech from my perspective – that of the average 40-something tech geek. You can also find me on Twitter and at my real-life job as a lawyer.    MORE ABOUT ME.

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    It is always good to be in touch with people or follow people who can contribute to our personal growth owing to the knowledge that they possess. Thanks Evan for sharing these details about Bobby Travis as I feel that it might help me as I am a writer too.

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