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Quickly Move Windows With Chameleon Window Manager [Windows]

chameleon window manager

Windows 7 has some handy windows management functions, such as dragging a window to the left side of the screen to have it snap to fill the entire left half of your screen, or dragging it to the top of the screen to fill the entire screen. If you want even more functionality, whether it be on Windows 7, XP, or Vista, check out Chameleon Window Manager.

Chameleon Window Manager adds buttons to the title bar of your applications and open windows. Those buttons allow you to move open windows with a click. You can move a window to the left or right side of the screen, pin it to always stay on top, roll the window up so only the title bar is visible, minimize it to the system tray, or set to a pre-defined transparency level.

chameleon window manager buttons


Be careful with the transparency setting. I clicked it, and thought that the app had gone haywire, because I didn’t know what it was supposed to do. If you don’t like some of the buttons, you can configure the app so that they don’t appear. One other problem I noticed with the app is that the window ‘s title and information can extend under the buttons, making for a less-than-aesthetic appearance.

If you know of any similar apps, let us know in the comments.

Chameleon Window Manager [via CyberNet News]


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  1. This seems like a great and useful app. I’m already a big fan of win7 and its functionality, I’ll install this program as a trial version just to get the feeling of what it can offer.

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