How to Reveal the Dock and Menu Bar When Using Full Screen Apps in Lion [Mac]

Lion full screen dock reveal

Here’s a quick tip for you Lion users out there. If you’re a fan of full screen apps, you may miss having quick access to the dock and menu bar. They appear to be gone, but they’re really not. Here’s how to use them.

As Cult of Mac points out, all that you need to do is move your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen that contains your dock, and then give a little “push.” The dock will appear after a brief pause. For the menu bar, simply move your pointer past the top of the screen, and the menu bar will appear.

Do you like full screen mode? I use it constantly on my MacBook Air, and swipe between full screen apps. Do you have any full screen tips to share?

Reveal The Finder Dock and App Menus in Full Screen Apps In Lion [OS X Tips] [Cult of Mac]

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  1. I love the full screen mode but I don’t understand why they gotta make it so difficult to use? really!

  2. Random question but…is there a shortcut key for activating full-screen mode?

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  4. I find myself really missing the time, date, network and battery status in the menu bar in full screen mode. There needs to be some what to allow that information (and more) to be visible then.

    • Until Apple or somebody else comes up with a solution, Dan, you might just be stuck with expanding apps to fill the screen. But then you need to manually assign desktop if you want to swipe.

  5. You can also use the System Preferences, Keyboard preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts, Keyboard & Text Input to set hot keys to move the focus to the menu bar or the dock, which allows you to display them with the keyboard.

    Set the keys for Move focus to the (menu bar or dock). Ignore the Launchpad & Dock “Turn Dock Hiding On/Off” as that doesn’t affect full screen mode (which always hides the dock).

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