Eyeborg: So This Guy Replaces His Eye With a Wireless Web Cam… [Random Tech Video]

Rob Spence, Eyeborg: Endoscopic, Wireless Web Cam in Prosthetic Eye   40Tech

It may sound like a joke — but it’s not. If you’ve been poking about on YouTube or TechCrunch today, you may have already seen this: an interview (and partial commercial for the new Deus Ex) with Rob Spence, a man who has successfully created a prosthetic eye for himself that is actually an endoscope turned wireless video camera. It doesn’t plug into his brain or anything (we’re a while away from that yet), only outputting to a handheld LCD receiver/viewer, but hey — that’s still good enough for a decent bit of spy-tech, right? At the very least, it makes for a good “neeeeeeat” or “oh-ye-gods-that’s-gross” story.

Check out the video, below. Yep, video — and you do get to see him install and remove the eye, so if you’re squeamish… well, you’ve been warned.

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So who wants one?

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  1. This story seems unusual and very weird. But it is interesting because Rob Spence successfully created a prosthetic eye for himself. It is better to have prosthetic eye than nothing. And I hope it was proven safe to his health as much as it improves his appearance. Thanks for interesting story and the video.

    • My pleasure Stephan. :D

      I find it intriguing, to be sure — and you have to wonder, what sort of affect would the wireless radiation (coming from -inside- his head!) have on his brain…

  2. I think that he watched waaay too many scifi movies and played video games…seriously. It still doesn’t replace his vision so what’s the point?

    • I hear you Ella. It is a pretty solid achievement in miniaturization, though, and may be an important step in the overall process — which will go nowhere until we can create a dense enough connector.

  3. I agree that he watched too many SF movies, it’s kinda weird and I don’t have the strength too see the whole video.

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