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While Spotify is the music service that is getting all of the press these days, Google’s own music service is up and running. In typical Google fashion, Google Music is currently in beta. Google Music is not a subscription service, and doesn’t offer a catalog of music. Instead, it is a free service to which you upload the songs that you already own. You can then stream them to a web browser, or to the free Android app. The app also caches music, to support offline play. We’ve got 4 invitations to give away. Read on for details on how to score one.

To submit your name to get one of the four invites, take these two steps:

1. Follow 40Tech on Twitter, or Like 40Tech on Facebook; AND

2. Post a comment in this thread, telling us that you want an invite, and confirming that you followed us on Twitter or Facebook.

You can skip step 1 if you’re already following us. When you enter, make sure you enter your email address in the comment form (the address won’t get posted publicly), so that we can contact you if you win. On Sunday (Clarification: August 21), I’ll randomly select four entries, and send out the invitations.

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  1. Followed on twitter. Invitation entry, please and thanks!

  2. Please, Google+ invitations.Followed on twitter. thanks (:

  3. Published on FB and Google+…
    Thanks in advance for the invitation…

  4. Sorry, Not google+ , only GOOGLE MUSIC BETA (:

  5. @Koray: excuse my french… Sorry I meant that I liked it on Fracebook and +1 on Google+…

  6. I am following you on Twitter and I would very much appreciate an invitation. Thanks.

  7. To clarify, the 4 entries will be selected on Sunday, August 21 (this post didn’t go up until late on Sunday, August 14).

    • Just noticed that Google Music Beta invites are only for users in the United States. Since you were nice enough to set me up with an invite to Google+ a few weeks ago, I tried to help out Vivian with a Google Music Beta invite but since she’s in Canada, it was a no-go.

      • When do you guys think it would be available for the rest of the world. I really love Google services and Google Music seems like an very serious and interesting concept.

  8. What is this ? Only several invitation. I leaving.

    best wishes

  9. I just followed you on twitter. I’d appreciate an invite to the Google Music Beta! Thanks!

  10. Liked on FB and followed on Twitter

  11. Google has really speeded up things a bit with launch of new services. Lets see what is brought out after we have heard that the Google labs is going to be shut down.

  12. google don’t stop at nothing Heh?
    they purchesed motorola now… sometimes it scares me a bit

  13. following on twitter and facebook.. invite please! :)


  14. “Liked” you on Facebook. Please send the invite – thanks.

  15. The invitations have been sent. Thanks for your interest!

  16. I like the concept of Google Music and seems to be very interesting. Hope it will be available in Europe soon.

  17. Followed on twitter. Invitation entry, please and thanks!

  18. Followed on twitter. Invitation entry, please and thanks!

    • Hi Andrea. The contest has been closed for a while, but Google Music is now available to everyone in the U.S. I’m going to close comments on this post so there is no confusion.

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