How To Bring the Classic Retweet (RT) Back to the New Twitter

The revamp that Twitter rolled out on the Twitter website a few months ago was, by and large, a nice upgrade. The sidebar is now pretty useful, and the whole experience is a bit more streamlined and efficient. One feature that many people don’t like, though, is how the new Twitter handles retweets. The old method of retweeting (the “RT @” method) allowed you to editorialize a bit, if you wanted. Under new Twitter, the retweet button simply rebroadcasts the original tweet, unedited. You no longer have the ability to add any thoughts to the tweet, short of starting a new tweet. Google+, and the way it fosters interaction, has shown us that geeks love discussion and editorial, if the topic is right. If you want to bring back the classic RT to Twitter web, you can. Here’s how.

For this to work, you need to be using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser. If you are, install the Classic Retweet extension. Once you do, go to, sign in, and hover your mouse over someone else’s tweet. Right there underneath the tweet, next to the “Retweet” link, you’ll see a “Classic RT” link. Click that, and the tweet will be retweeted, using the “RT @” format.

I found that when the new retweet functionality was introduced, I started tweeting much less. Maybe it was just coincidence, or maybe the obstacles to engagement caused me to lose interest in Twitter. How about you? What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new retweet functionality?

Classic Retweet extension [via Mediabistro, as tweeted by Steve Rubel on Twitter]

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  1. It’s a nice workaround, but in time i got used to the new method of retweeting. Going back right now feels strange.

  2. To late, I eventually got used with the new twitter interface, it would be strange to go back now, I’ll have to wait a couple of week to get back used with it.

  3. Seriously? People are so lazy that “copy and paste” is such a hassle so they had to bring back “Classic RT” as an option? New…and NEW new…Twitter BOTH still suck. How about a download to let us use Twitter in its original form???? Never had problems with twitter following or unfollowing people for me at random, actually got my DM’s WHEN people told me they DMed me, we could get rid of that stupid “Who to Follow” list…

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