You’ve Heard the Hype, Now You’ve Tried it for Yourself – Tell Us How You Really Feel About Google+

You’ve Heard the Hype, Now You’ve Tried it for Yourself – Tell Us How You Really Feel About Google+ | 40Tech

Google+ is sexy. People have been raving about it for a month now. A whole entire month! That’s like… years in today’s tech world. Time-on-planet notwithstanding, over 25 million users have signed up, with no real signs of slowing, and the more people who jump in, the more you hear about how cool Google+ is, how Google got it right (finally!), and how people — even high-profile types — are intent on abandoning Facebook and Twitter.

While it is a little early, in my opinion, to make such brash and sweeping movements in the ever-tenuous social media space, Google+ appears to address many frustrations held by users of the current major social networks. This is the same thing that happened when Facebook slapped around and eventually sat on MySpace and Friendster. The main difference here is, due to the widespread adoption of social media into every day life (thanks to Facebook and Twitter), it’s all happening at lightning speed.

But is it real? Is it sustainable? What do you think about it?

Me? I’m definitely enjoying Google+. I like the feel of it. I like the ease in which I can decide who to communicate with, and how easy it is to find new information that I enjoy reading about. Mostly, though, I like that the users are, as a whole, so much more engaged. I don’t know if it is the way Google+ doesn’t force false friendships down your throat, or if it’s because you can actually express yourself without space limitations. Maybe it’s just because Google+ is new and shiny. Either way, I find myself talking with old contacts and meeting new people who ask me questions, answer questions, and otherwise generally converse in a way that feels much closer to blog or forum conversations. It’s nice.

It’s also worth noting that both Facebook and Twitter felt like that for me, once upon a time, before I was inundated by games requests or forced to sift through real people vs those who only viewed me as another leg up in the follow-game. Google+, as it grows, will probably experience similar challenges, which may lead me to once again consider only communicating by phone, in person, via email, blog comments, or (heaven forbid!) snail mail.

What about you? Now that you’ve had a chance to try out Google+, what do you like about it? How do you feel it compares to Facebook and Twitter — does it make you think of dropping them or campaigning to get your family and close friends on board with the new and shiny? Maybe you think that it’s all a bunch of over-inflated hype… just one more example of the media-fed bubbles that have a habit of unexpectedly bursting?

Whichever way you’re leaning, let us know in the comments.

Bobby Travis

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  1. hmm.. as far as the whole Google+ hype is considered, I must say that it is a complete reinvention of the social networking work sphere, and does look pretty decent. As far as it being the possible replacement of Facebook is considered, it is still a way long more to go.

    • I don’t know that I would go so far as to say reinvention — but it definitely does take some of the best of both Facebook and Twitter and comes at it from a different angle.

  2. Great post, as always, Bobby. Well, as you know, I think G+ is fantastic! It has ignited my inner creative soul. I’ve created an entire blog post entirely out of conversations I’ve had there I just wouldn’t have had on Twitter or Facebook. Now that I’m out, I can’t go back! :)

    • For sure, Daniel — and thanks!

      I’ve had a similar experience, as I mentioned in the post. I’m not sure how long it will maintain that kind of feeling for me, as these sorts of things tend to morph as they grow and get more commercialized, but I’ll take what I can get from it at the moment.

  3. G+ is defintivly my choice (I closed my FB account) and a a good companion to Twtr. The circles system which allows me to selectivly send posts to specific members is my favourite G+’s feature.

    • The circles are what Twitter lists tried to do, I think, as well as Facebook’s limited profiles and groups — but Google pretty much nailed it on the head, here. I think the management of the circles are a large part of the vibe, in fact.

      As with anything, there is still room for improvement, though. What’s interesting is that there are other burgeoning (and some defunct) social tools that already hit upon that idea, and they even integrated Facebook and Twitter. They simply can’t (or couldn’t, in the case of the ones that have shut down) compete with the weight that Google can put behind their system, though, especially when integrating everything into the Google products infrastructure.

  4. How does one get into said heaven?

    • The best way you know how, John…

      • Ya, Don’t know how. That’s why I asked the question.

      • Hell if I know. :D

        Let’s see….

        -Be nice to people and stuff — and hope they be nice back.
        -If they aren’t nice back, try your best to walk away and be as nice as you can about it.
        -Don’t kill anybody — that’s bad…
        -Don’t steal more than you need to survive.
        -Try not to muck with other people’s relationships. See: Be nice to people and stuff.
        -Don’t do anything to anybody (or anything) that you wouldn’t be happy they did to you. Again, see: Be nice to people and stuff.

        Best I can do, man. ;)

      • Well, thanks anyway. Seems to me however you are evading the question. Normally I get more useful information than that here. Guess I should lower my expectations.

        Perhaps you should rename the article which incorrectly assumes that your readers have access to this service. I am telling you that I do not.

      • LOL! Relax, John. If you want an invitation, you’ve got one. Maybe next time ask directly, though — there’s been a lot of lack of sleep over this way. :P

        Check your email.

      • Thanks Bobby. Now I will see what all the fuss is about.

      • Glad to oblige, John! :D

  5. I’ve been enjoying it greatly. However the corks should not be popped until my mom is on it and those in her level of tech competency.

    Connected and with the program, but still rocking an AOL account. When they mass adopt it like us Gmailers do, then it is truly a success.


    • Agreed, Anthony. I think that some sort of Facebook and Twitter integration would put them right over the top, but I understand how that would be difficult as it would cause more relationship problems and would make it harder for Google to carve out their own social niche, which is obviously their intent. I’m sure that, once it is all public and API’ed and whatnot, that those integrations will quickly follow, however. It’s already pretty cool what people have done with Chrome Extensions.

  6. I am enjoying it. I never really had any enthusiasm for facebook. Maybe it was just my friends but most posts were pretty boring.

    Google+ just seems easier to me, making circles and connecting with people with similar interests.

  7. It’s all about The Circles. The way we can use & manage this feature — allowing for targeted posts, privacy controls and the ability to disable resharing — is the best thing about Google+.
    Plus as you put it ‘users are, as a whole, so much more engaged’.
    Who was it who said that Facebook is for people you went to school with while Twitter is for people you wish you went to school with? Well, this is Twitter on steroids. And unlike Facebook, you don’t wake up to posts telling you that so-&-so
    wants to share a gold coin with you or that they just fertilized their ovum. I mean farm, FARM! ;)

    • I find myself wondering how Google is going to handle the integration of Google Games in Plus. It’s bound to happen. I’m hoping for a blanket “Never receive game notifications” control.

  8. It’s definitely sustainable, but i’ve yet to get used to it. Maybe i don’t like change, i’m not sure if i’m the problem here. Maybe it’s too early for it to create addiction like Facebook does.
    However, i’m pretty sure it’s going to break some records in the future.

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