Toodledo Gets an Official Makeover

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No sooner do we write about how to spruce up Toodledo with User Styles, than Toodledo goes out and spruces itself up with a new user interface. Earlier today, the interface was rolled out. The bad news? The interface conflicts with the user style I was using, and probably others as well. The good news? The default user interface is pretty nice on its own.

If you’re a Toodledo user, let us know in the comments what you think about the new look. If you previously tried Toodledo, but were turned off by its appearance, you might want to take another look. One aspect of Toodledo that hasn’t changed is its power and customization options. The new UI provides you will all sorts of sorting options (contexts, folders, and more), and still retains the power of saved searches. Most of those options were there before, but harder to find and use. In fact, most of Toodledo works the same way as it did previously, but it is now much more pleasant to use.

If you like to skin or theme Toodledo, don’t despair. The developer has already indicated that themes will be making a return at a later date. The developer is also looking into requests to make the left sidebar collapsible. I’m finding that even on my MacBook Air, though, I don’t mind the sidebar.

All in all, Toodledo is still for the geekier user who wants to tinker and doesn’t mind spending some time getting a system down, that he or she will then use for years. Other apps, like Producteev, still feel more streamlined, but with not quite the power to slice and dice everything.

What do you think of the new use interface?

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  1. I had started moving things to Producteev this week, clicked through to ToodleDo (which I’ve used for nearly 3 years), and about fell out of my chair. Never thought this day would come. I really like the new interface and have come happily back. I’ll play with it some more, but my eyes are happy the old UI is gone, and my mind is happy that I’m not making it learn a new system right now.

    • Sounds like we had the same reaction, Jen. I got the news when one of the user styles I was using didn’t work, and there was a warning message about the new UI. Nearly fell out of my chair myself.

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  3. Well, most upgrades of this kind cause problems at first, but it’s just a temporary setback.
    It’s true i was having problems with its interface and probably that’s why i kind of avoided Toodledo, this change might just do it for me.

  4. I was using a skin. I, too, nearly fell out of my chair when I opened Toodledo, but I was not happily knocked down. I’m glad to hear users are excited up UI upgrades, but I miss my old view which was a breeze to use and arranged everything just as I like it. Now I’m only able to use the Toodledo default view and I find it limiting and distracting. When will the ability to use skins be offered again??

    • I don’t know of a specific date, other than the mention that skins will be returning. I like the new look, but I was using a nice skin as well before that. It will be a tough decision which way to go when skins return.

  5. I’ve been using TD for about a year, in spite of the ugly interface. Actually, I had looked at it a year earlier, and passed on it because of the ugly interface. But this last time, I decided to live with the interface for the great functionality. I’m really glad I did.

    I was invited to beta test the new version just a few days before it was launched. In a couple of hours, I was hooked! Very quickly, the previous version seemed clunky. Everything is easier to get to, less keystrokes, better arranged. And much, much prettier!

    Built in color schemes are on the way, and just today someone announced they had a skin up and running. So if you don’t like the new color scheme, relief is on the way.

    Maybe the best part about TD are the forums. The founder, Jake, comes and reads all the posts every day, and responds to those who ask for help. It just doesn’t get any better than this. I know, I’ve used a number of task managers over the years, since the days of DOS

  6. Hit the wrong key above, so continuing:

    and TSRs, and this is excellent software by any measure.

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