The Next Damn You Auto Correct? Status Updates From Users Who Think Onion Articles Are True

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Just about everybody I know has gotten a laugh out of Damn You Auto Correct, the website that collects embarrassing iPhone messages, thanks to goofy and unintended automatic corrections by the iOS engine. If that is your cup of tea, then you might enjoy Literally Unbelievable, a site that collects Facebook updates from users who think articles from the Onion are true.

The Onion is a satire site that reports on real world events. I use the word “reports” loosely, since all of the stories on the Onion are made up. Not everyone understands that, though, as evidence by the entries on Literally Unbelievable. There you can find Facebook updates that express sadness over the Empire State Building’s No Hassle Suicide Day, and outrage at a senator’s affair with a horse.

For some reason, though, the site almost feels like a guilty pleasure. Perhaps it is because the humor come at someone else’s expense. Is this sort of thing your cup of tea?

Literally Unbelievable [via tweet from Loyd Case]

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  1. They’ll never run out of material.

    Last year I wrote an article “proving” that Obama’s birth certificate was fake, to poke a bit of fun at the birthers.

    Sadly, I’ve seen it referenced multiple times by people attempting to use it to buttress their argument against the validity of the certificate. Exactly what part of the phrase “forensic inkyologist Marsupial Jones” doesn’t scream “hey, this guy is pulling our leg”? (Not to mention the stray Lee Harvey Oswald reference …

    btw, you can find that article at:

    • Wow. I wonder how much of the Obama stuff is people being gullible by nature, and being gullible because they’re blinded by something that they so badly want to be true.

  2. The Onion – America’s finest news source.
    Sadly, that’s probably true :))
    I still remember the one where they said Obama was caught lip-synching, and they dubbed some ridiculous high pitch voice over his press statement.

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