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Safari to Devonthink iPad
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Clip from Safari (iOS) to DEVONthink (Mac)

Scrivener for lawyers

WordPerfect 5.1 is legendary among tech geeks of a certain age, and still has devoted users. I used various incarnations of WordPerfect as my main word processor and brief[1] writing tool until just a few years ago, when I succumbed to the inevitable force of change, and switched to Microsoft Word. Now, though, I’m not even using a traditional word processor as my main brief writing application, because I’ve discovered that Scrivener is a fantastic tool for that purpose.

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Writing Legal Briefs with Scrivener

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Easy navigation, powerful AI, and quick search make DEVONthink a nice alternative to lugging around thick files.

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DEVONthink for Lawyers

Relive Your Childhood, and Play the King’s Quest Series, For Free [Windows, Mac]

kings quest

If you grew up in the 80’s, do you remember games like Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and perhaps the best of them all, King’s Quest? They were games from the legendary, and now defunct, Sierra Entertainment. If you long for the fun of yesteryear, then you’re in luck. You can now play the first three King’s Quest Games if you own a Mac or PC. The best part? They’re free.

AGD Interactive is a non-profit fan company that was given a fan license to remake the King’s Quest series. King’s Quest I was released back in 2001, and has seen a few revamps since then, mostly recently in September 2010. King’s Quest II followed in 2002.

The games aren’t just conversions of the originals to support modern operating systems, but rather are complete overhauls of the games. Compare the type of graphics, below, from the original (left) and the remake (right), and you’ll see what I mean. Also, the remakes include additions to the storyline, deeper plots, enhanced puzzles, and fleshed out characters.

image image

In February 2011, the King’s Quest III remake was completed. This one included a digital music score, as well as voice acting. I’ve only just started playing the King’s Quest I remake, but I was very tempted to jump to the third in the series, as it looks to be the most refined. Of course, half the charm of these older games is that they feel unrefined and retro.


Have you gotten through all three? Do you know of any other retro adventure games that are available for true geeks at heart?


King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown

King’s Quest 2: Romancing the Stones

King’s Quest 3: To Heir Is Human

Original King’s Quest screenshot from Wikipedia.

Thanks to OS X Daily for helping me find these games.

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