Cure Your Angry Birds Addiction — with Mike Tyson

Cure Your Angry Birds Addiction -- with Mike Tyson | 40Tech

Ok, I know this has been my only post this week, and that it’s light and fluffy — but bear with me, the flu sucks and the chuckles are making me feel better. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Mike Tyson slap something? And I don’t care how angry those crazy red birds are, even a mild slap from Tyson is a good bet to get them to hang up their sling shots…

The video is actually a roundabout plug for SportsNation, an attempt at viral marketing. Make sure you watch the second one, as well — it’s a bonus outtakes reel, and I actually found it to be funnier.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


Enjoy your weekend — and guard your tech from helpful heavyweights!

Bobby Travis

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  1. LOL! I’m not a fan of Mike Tyson, but these two videos had me cracking up! Maybe it’s the two days without sleep, but it took me by surprise when he suddenly slapped the guy’s iPad. Cause he was talking about three steps, right? Tell me i’m not really that tired and that it wasn’t so extremely obvious.

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