Backup Your Android Phone’s SD Card to Dropbox With DropSpace



You can never have too many backups. That is true with your smartphone, as well. If you want an easy way to backup some of the contents of your Android phone’s SD card, check out DropSpace for Android.

dropspace main screenshot dropspace file selection

With DropSpace, you enter your Dropbox credentials, select the directories that you want to sync, and select a Dropbox destination folder. You then press a sync button, and watch as the files on your SD card are synced to Dropbox. You can also set DropSpace to run as a service, so that it monitors your selected directories and keeps any changes backed up to Dropbox.

Do you backup your SD card? How?

DropSpace [via Future Lawyer]

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  1. This looks great. Thanks Evan.

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  3. not sure this thing works. anyone else have issues?

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