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Do you ever feel like your tweets are falling on deaf ears? Does it seem like the big shots get all the Twitter love? Timely is a web app that purports to combat those problems, enabling your tweets to be published “when they’ll have the highest impact.”

To use Timely, you have to create an account ,and then authorize Timely to use your Twitter account. You then write your tweet from within Timely, and go about your business. The tweets aren’t published instantly. Instead, Timely analyzes your past 199 tweets to figure out the best time slots, and uses this information to auto-schedule your tweets. If you prefer, you can tell Timely to publish your tweet within 30 minutes. Timely also claims to be able to learn as your followers grow.

I find a service like this interesting, since Bobby and I have previously pondered when we should publish our tweets. I’ll be curious to see how effective it is.

Timely is free, but you can also purchase a Pro account for $9.99 a month or $99  a year. The Pro account gives you improved analytics, the ability to post to Facebook and LinkedIn, the ability to email tweets, and more.

Is this a service that you might use?

Timely [via Steve Rubel]

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  1. not sure whether I would trust it as much as scheduling a tweet myself, manually, in Tweetdeck…

    • I guess it comes down to how good they are at actually determining when the “best time” for a tweet is, to get maximum exposure. Bobby and I have discussed that, and never arrived at a consensus, so I’d be curious how accurate this service is at determining it.

      • The best times in general terms is supposed to be between 8am-11am and again at around 3pm, though anytime between 8 and 4 can be reasonable. Trouble with that is time zones… And audience.

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