Wi-Fi is Radiation Too

Wi-Fi is Radiation Too | 40Tech

According to a Dutch study, our beloved Wi-Fi — the stuff that large populations of the planet now use in their homes, their workplaces, where they shop, where they drink coffee, and pretty much everywhere else they go — may be killing our trees. Or at least contributing to it. The researchers of Wageningen University say that more analysis is required to reach a solid conclusion on the matter, but so far, it looks like the particular radiation that is Wi-Fi is not at all interested in becoming a tree-hugger.

The tests were done in urban areas, where the high Wi-Fi and mobile phone network concentrations battle it out with other not-so-nice-for-trees elements such as fuel and other particle emissions. This leads to an obvious question about whether the trees’ sickness is more a result of other side-effects of urban sprawl, but the researchers feel they have a pretty good case against Wi-Fi. This is unfortunate, as Wi-Fi has become more and more a part of our daily necessities. Either way, something that is in the air in areas of major and connected human cities is causing the upper and lower layers of leaves to die, leaving behind a “lead-like shine” — and apparently inhibiting the growth of corn cobs.

This news, while not entirely proven true, may mark down one more in an ever-growing list of our human comforts and advancements that may actually be harmful to our immediate environment.

What do you think?

Study: Wi-Fi Makes Our Trees Sick [Read Write Web (via PC World)]

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  2. A friend of mine told me about something similar yesterday and i didn’t believe him. He has two PCs and told me he wants to make a cable network between them because wi-fi causes cancer or something like that.
    I didn’t have time to look for more info about this, but if those guys with the trees are right, it’s not far fetched to believe the radiations can also affect humans in a certain way.

    • It’s definitely something to consider. With all of the things we irradiate ourselves with these days — everything from powerlines to bluetooth tocellphones to wifi — it’s not a large leap to consider that there might be some damage as a result.

      • And if we add the ozone layer, the pollution from cars, the climate changes, the unhealthy food we eat, etc. we can see we’re not really heading in a good direction.

  3. This really makes me scared..

    Since years my husband disable accessing Wi-Fi in our house because he said it is dangerous for our kids..

    Till a few days ago, I said, It is ok, cos I have never heard bad news about it, and then he agreed yesterday, he will enable again..

    Now i am in doubt..Thanks for this reminder, Bobby

    • I’m glad if the information is helpful, Kimi. Do keep in mind, however, that this is only theory, not concrete evidence. I’m a parent as well, and have not yet felt the need to disable wifi in my home. It is so new, however, that we have no idea what longterm exposure will do to us — if anything. Things like cell phone radiation and Bluetooth, may be just as bad, if not worse. We don’t know — and it may take something huge for it to ever come to light — we still don’t even have public proof as to whether or not living near power lines causes any health problems.

      • Bobby,

        I have just talked to my Hubby about it LOL..

        He said exactly the same as you just explained to me..

        The concept with Bluetooth and mobile phones are the same..you’re right, it is a technology era..

        Thanks for clearing things up for me!

      • Glad to be of service, Kimi!

  4. Nobody really knows the side-effects of so many pieces of modern technology. We have been hearing about the risks of using cellphones, and the effect that living in proximity to high-voltage power lines might have. So it wouldn’t surprise me if WiFi signals interfere with the ecosystem in some way. A bit frightening though!

  5. Yeah, heard the news recently. Lucky me, i don’t have a wireless connection, but there’s still the pubs, or simply walking down the street and passing by someone’s wall.
    If it’s true, it’s pretty bad, but i’m sure solutions will follow the evidence, if there are any.

  6. Absolutely Bobby, I hear you :)

  7. When I do a site search on my wifi, I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of different signals. Seems that nowadays there no getting away from this – apart from living somewhere remote!

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