Log In to Windows – With Your Face

log in to Windows with your face

If you have a webcam, you can make logging in to your Windows PC super easy.  Blink! lets you log into your account by simply looking into your webcam.  You have to install Blink! on your system, and then it will load with Windows at startup.  From there, it requires no action on your part.  Sit in front of your computer, and Blink! uses facial recognition to verify your identity, and log you in.

Photo by Justin Moore.

While we had no way to test their claims, the developers of Blink! say that the app has no false positives.  Still, if you place a premium on security, you may want to think twice before using it.

Blink does save your login history, so you can see a snapshot of everyone who successfully logs in to your PC.  That alone makes it pretty handy.

blink login full

Blink! is a free program that works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  If you have a 64 bit system, make sure you follow the link on the Blink! site to the 64 bit version.

Would you trust a program like this?

Blink! [Luxand]

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  1. Evan – this looks super cool. I am going to give it a try on my netbook later today!

  2. “While we had no way to test their claims, the developers of Blink! say that the app has no false positives.”

    Here’s something to try. Record some video of yourself on a laptop (not the computer you have Blink! on).

    Then start the video playing and set it in front of the web cam. Will Blink! figure out that this isn’t really you? You may need to run the video in mirror image to give the right view to the webcam (or maybe not – my brain is a bit fuzzy on that).

  3. This is pretty cool! And I love the title of the post… :D

    I wonder the Blink! people paid attention to the YouTube fiasco that hit HP earlier in the year — the one where the HP facial recognition login didn’t recognize black people…….. O.0

    Anyone care to test?

  4. Nice idea until some practical joker steals your web cam, then what? Can you over ride it by typing – surely you can.

  5. FYI, this is not free anymore. They do not even offer a trial.

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