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GTDagenda is a productivity application made to fit directly into the Getting Things Done methodology created by David Allen. The program appears to be fairly robust, though still "up and coming" and we’ve been curious about it for a while now. Our curiosity was piqued further when we heard that they had recently implemented an Evernote integration, which could solve some of the issues (such as calendars and reminders) that people run into when using Evernote as a GTD platform. So when the folks at GTDagenda contacted us to see if we would do a review – and offered two, lifetime, Premium subscriptions to our readers for free – we figured this was a great opportunity search for a few new writers.

Wait. What? – Read on. You’ll see what I mean.


We want to run a contest with you — two contests, actually, so everyone can participate!


For the first phase of the contest:

The folks at GTDagenda will give away one of the free-for-life Premium subscriptions (normally $69.95/year) to whomever submits the best impartial review of GTDagenda to 40Tech. 40Tech will be the judge of the article, not GTDagenda, and the key word here is impartial. We don’t care if the review isn’t glowing or if you decline the free subscription, in the end.

Here’s a link to set up a trial account for the review. Check out our Guest Post Guidelines, as well.


For phase two:

We will post the winner’s article as a featured post here on, and offer up the second free-for-life Premium subscription to GTDagenda to one of our readers. We won’t be letting the details on that little contest loose until the article is up, though – you’ll never get them out of us without resorting to tickle torture!

Finally, the author of the winning article will be invited to become a regular writer on 40Tech, with all of the benefits, prestige and other such goodness therein (mainly fun, writing credits, and a safe and accepted outlet for geeky-ness)!

Exciting, yes?

Head over to our Contact Form to send us your article. We’ll need it by the the 9th of July, 2010 (that’s a Friday).

Bobby Travis

Bobby isn't 40-something, but is a strong supporter of the Grown-up Geek kind. He's a loving husband and father first, but is also a freelance writer, productivity nut, operatically trained singer, and (not-so) closet geek. Check out his random thoughts, wackiness, and Instagram pics on Tumblr, Twitter, or Google+-- or just head over to


  1. no iPhone or iPad app.

    • that was meant to be a question.

      • Hi Super,

        From what I can tell, there is no iPhone App at this time — the mobile web version is supposed to be pretty good though, and an iPhone app is on the way (no ETA that I know of) — and they do have an Android app.

  2. We recently received an entry article from Josh — Josh, your email bounces, can you update us please? Please include a copy of your article so we are absolutely certain it is you!

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  4. I’ve been attempting for a couple of days to sign-up for the free review account and have been unable to do so.

    I can fill out the request form just fine but then apparently the process-signup.php script gets hung up – nothing comes up on the screen.

    I would really like to download and review this application for you so any help would be appreciated.


    • Hi Scott,

      We have passed this information on to the folks at GTDagenda. Keep trying, in the meantime — I just created a new account there with no problems.

      • Thanks for the follow up Bobby, the folks at GTDagenda have already contacted me and I’ve provided them with the information they requested.

        Not sure why it’s not working for me – really hope it gets fixed as I would like to dig into this application and see what’s under the hood.

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