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Safari to Devonthink iPad
Since I first wrote about using DEVONthink Pro Office in my law practice, ... Read More

Clip from Safari (iOS) to DEVONthink (Mac)

Scrivener for lawyers

WordPerfect 5.1 is legendary among tech geeks of a certain age, and still has devoted users. I used various incarnations of WordPerfect as my main word processor and brief[1] writing tool until just a few years ago, when I succumbed to the inevitable force of change, and switched to Microsoft Word. Now, though, I’m not even using a traditional word processor as my main brief writing application, because I’ve discovered that Scrivener is a fantastic tool for that purpose.

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Writing Legal Briefs with Scrivener

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Easy navigation, powerful AI, and quick search make DEVONthink a nice alternative to lugging around thick files.

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DEVONthink for Lawyers

NextGEN Gallery – Understanding Galleries vs. Albums (WordPress)

gallery3 My personal site runs on WordPress, and hosts family photos, videos, and news.  I’ve just switched to running NextGEN Gallery to power the photo portion of the site.  The hardest part of the switch was figuring out the difference between an “album” and a “gallery” in NextGEN Gallery.  This might be because the terms have a different meaning than they did in other software I used.  I looked all over, but the only way I was able to get my brain around the concept was through trial and error.  So, here I will try to explain a gallery versus an album in NextGEN Gallery.

An album typically contains several galleries.  The best way to explain the difference between galleries versus albums in NextGEN Gallery is by example.  On a site, I may have several galleries, such as the following: Christmas 2009, Mom’s Retirement Dinner, Montana Ski Trip, Joe’s Birthday Party, Ed and Sue’s Murder Mystery Dinner, Office Retreat, and World Series.  I might have 4 different albums: Family, Friends, Vacations, and Miscellaneous.  In the Family album, I put the Christmas 2009 gallery and the Mom’s Retirement Dinner gallery.  In the Friends album, I put the Joe’s Birthday Part gallery and the Ed and Sue’s Murder Myster Dinner gallery.  The only gallery I have so far for my Vacation album is the Montana Ski Trip gallery.  In the Miscellaneous album, I have the Office Retreat gallery, and the World Series gallery. For a second example, here’s a real example from my personal site, showing what the “Manage Album” page of NextGEN Gallery looks like when I choose to manage the “Family” album: nextgen2 In this example, “Family” is the name of the album.  There are a few galleries that I have assigned to that album.  Those galleries are the following: Aunt Barb’s Birthday, Box Hill Club, Brooke’s Visit, and Trip to see Brooke and Melissa.  Not shown here are my other albums (Friends, Vacations, and Miscellaneous), each of which contain several galleries. Hopefully this will help you get started in NextGEN Gallery, which I’m discovering is a fantastic WordPress gallery tool.

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